About Bible Society of Swaziland

To develop a strong brand presence that resonates with the Swazi Community and attracts funding & general support from local stakeholders i.e. individuals, families, churches, communities & companies. We aim to be within the top 5 of top of mind NGOs in Swaziland

Bible Society over the years has been product oriented in its initiatives focusing only on the bible and projects without much effort going in to developing its brand, which is a vital tool for spear heading the vision of the organization. Even though Bible Society is one of the oldest Non-profit organization in the country with a rich heritage does not have a strong brand equity in the market. In the next 5 years the Society will adopt a brand first approach as a catalyst to everything that shall be undertaken. 

Making Scripture available to everyone, in  a  language,  media  and price which  meets their needs, while remaining faithful   in translations communicating the biblical message truthful to the original texts..


A community living in obedience to the word of God and in harmony ,working in partnership with all churches, church related organizations and other relevant organizations.



To make scripture available to everyone



Through the Bible A Moth Club, an individual, church or any institution can commit to contribute E100 or above every month to buy a Bible for the less privileged.

Objective: To avail every household with a Bible by subsidizing it of giving it out free

How Do I Become A Member? Fill in membership form from Bible Society

How much do I Give: The Average cost of a Bible is  E100

Your gift is used to make the Bible available to the less priviledged



  • Siswati study Bible
  • Hospital project: Bringing Hope to the sick
  • Hope to orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Bible in sign language: Bible for the deaf
  • Catching them young
  • Reaching out to persons with Albinism
  • Prison Outreach Program

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