Bible Society of Swaziland

To reach 67% of the country (about 800,000 people) with the bible through bible distribution and sales, bible engagement and bible advocacy. We will track distribution, sales and reach across all the identified segment groups of the Bible Society.

Christianity is the dominant religion in Swaziland. This should mean that the bible should be the best selling book in the country. BSS aims to increase engagement and readership but to date, we have not been effective enough in measuring our distribution and performance.

The product is essential because it is what the organization has to deliver and thereby defining the organization. The appearance of the product is what attracts the customers and the quality and value of the product is what retains them and turns them into loyal customers.

Bible as a product objectives
•Design a market segmentation model in order to identify and fill gaps across the entire target base without being biased to specific segment groups when developing and distributing the bible in its different formats.
•Increase distribution and sales of the bible and position Bible Society as the primary supplier of the bible.
•Gather and/or collate market insight to find out about the preferences of the different segment groups and engage in specific product development for each.

Available versions of bibles:

  • SiSwati Bible
  • English Bible

Available prints

  • Large print
  • Standard Size
  • Pocket Size
  • Bible Covers
  • Hymn Books

Bibles are available at our shops:

Manzini: 114 Mahleka Street opp Mozambique Hotel

Piggs Peak: shop 7 Mambo house FNB building