Bible Society of Swaziland

To effectively impact communities/lives of 1/3 of the country’s population (approximately 50 000 or 100,000 annually) by the end of 5 years, through inclusive programs (projects)

Projects at Bible Society are a vehicle to reach out to communities to offer much needed assistance to individuals, families and communities. They are also used to spear head the core mandate of the organization i.e. to ensure that everyone has access and engages with the bible in a language they can understand and formats they prefer. The projects department also plays a vital role in managing the development of new bible products and enhancements.

Project objectives
•Continually Train project teams on servicing communities.
•Form strategic partnership to expedite projects and to tap into a skill set that would be expensive to develop. This will help in maximizing the help we offer communities. (benchmark from contractors i.e. joint ventures to win big tenders).
•Increase bible advocacy and engagement across the country
•This will also help align with the local fundraising drive aimed at appealing to local sponsors.
•Use projects to leverage the brand and products sales and distribution.